The 2020 World Series starts tonight and you have a chance to score a free taco if a player from either team steals a base. This promotion is back but this year it's easier than ever to claim your free taco. Here are the details. My beloved New York Yankees were knocked out in the playoffs this year and I am super disappointed that they didn't make it to the World Series. Whenever I am down, there is nothing like free food to lift my spirits.

Taco Bell is doing their "Steal A Base, Steal A Taco" promotion once again during the 2020 World Series. Here's how it works. If either team The Los Angeles Dodgers or The Tampa Bay Rays have a player that steals a base, America gets a free taco. It has to be the first stolen base of the World Series. In years past, Taco Bell would set a date for you to redeem your free Doritos Locos Taco but this year is different.

According to, instead of waiting for the designated day to claim your free taco, you can get it within hours after the base is stolen. All you'll have to do is use the code that you will get to redeem it on the Taco Bell app. You do need to join the Taco Bell Rewards program. If you want to wait, however, there will still be a chance for you to go into your local Taco Bell on October 28th and get a free Doritos Locos Taco if a base has been stolen by then. So in reality, you could score two!

The World Series begins tonight (Tuesday, October 20th). and depending on how many games are needed, will go through Wednesday, October 28th.

There are eighteen Taco Bell locations in and around the Capital Region. To find one near you, click HERE.

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