Here we go again. St. Patrick's Day.  Sure it also signifies the beginning of Spring. Sure there are parades and plenty O' adult watering holes opening early with plenty of drink specials all day.  But that doesn't mean you have to do it. You don't have to be that jolly Irish Idiot.

It doesn't matter if you are of Irish decent or not.  You don't have to throw all caution and responsibility to the wind just because its a Holiday. You don't have to give in to the pressure of your friends and co-workers and leave early from work just to celebrate.  You don't have to wear green and a shirt that says "Kiss me I'm Irish", put on funny green hats and talk in a horrible Irish accent as you down cold ones with your friends.  You don't need to eat corned beef and potatoes and toast to all your blessings and enjoy the spirit of just being alive no matter how bad times get for you.  You just don't have to!!!

I will. But you don't have to.  Though I can only tell you , that if you don't use this wonderful excuse to be an idiot for one day, you may feel like one all year. Fellow Idiots unite!  Join me in spirit today and just let your problems go. Enjoy life and know that no war or famine or oppression can ever kill the human spirit.  Not for the Irish. Not for anyone.

But please, please please. Don't drink and drive. Get a cab or a designated driver.  You can't celebrate being alive if you are not. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

God Bless

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