It may sound like a storyline of a movie from Hollywood, but this recently happened to a couple of people in our neighboring state. It happened to at least one Bennington, Vermont man and woman.

Squirrel Time

The man was shoveling snow when the squirrel jumped on his back. He threw it off, but it jumped back on him, scratching him some more.

A woman was bitten on her neck, and is getting treated for rabies, as a precaution. According to a story in the Bennington Banner, the attacks have been unprovoked, making these very unusual cases.

I had squirrels get into my pool and die. I've had to replace two liners because of them. Another time, one was caught in the skimmer. I called animal control and they took care of it. It was still alive. You would not believe the extremely loud, high pitched scream they give. I never heard anything like that.

These critters are cute, but I'd rather not see them in my backyard. We have a ton of them. What would you do if you got attacked like what happened to our Vermont friends?

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