Apparently Old Man Winter is taking an extended holiday break.

There are January thaws, and then there is this: according to the Weather Channel, we will see temperatures in the 60s this weekend. Unfortunately, if you want to get outside and enjoy the warmth, we have rain in the forecast too.

The Weather Channel forecast is calling for rain Saturday with a high of 59 and morning showers Sunday with a high of...64 degrees!!I As I wrote above, there are January thaws, but with these temps its going to feel like late April this weekend.

Back in December after we got 2 feet of snow it seemed this winter would be a tough one. Since then it's been pretty quiet and it has been kind of mild the last few weeks too. This could be a reason to be hopeful for an easy winter, or maybe this is one last respite before we get the worst of it. My gut says the latter is the case and the worst is yet to come - so stay ready!

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