There are a fair amount of abandoned buildings in Troy and it seems as if there may be an arsonist going around setting them on fire.

I was born and raised in Troy and a few of the 6 fires have been just a few doors down from my former house. Now yes a lot of buildings in Troy are abandoned and nothing is being done with them. From my view point it seems as if there is a person that is trying to send a message in the wrong way. Burning the buildings down is not the way to go. Start a petition or something to make the city deal with them. That is all speculation on my part though.

Regardless, the city has taken notice. Mayor Patrick Madden held a conference earlier today discussing the creation of a new task force that will look further into the suspicious fires that have broken out in the city. One in fact was just last night. This time it was a shed that was behind an abandoned building.

Troy is asking for assistance if any weird behavior is noticed around vacant property. More info in the link below from CBS 6.

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