I am a believer in some kind of higher power and I always try to be open to a sign from heaven no matter how subtle it may be. When we were checking into the Albany Airport, there was a nice older woman who was helping us with our boarding passes. Her name was Betty and she was sweet. She saw my last name and said, "Cavotta, any relation to John?" I told her that was my Uncle and she went on to say that she used to work with my Uncle John years ago and what a nice man he was.

A little insight to my Uncle, he was horse racing enthusiast. He LOVED the horses, both in Saratoga and in Florida. He passed away a year and a half ago. His wishes were to spread his ashes on the infield around the tree at Saratoga Race Course, and that's what we did.

Anyway, I didn't think much of it and we arrived at Disney. We were to stay at Caribbean Beach and when we arrived late that night, the woman at check-in said she had a surprise upgrade for us. Now there are 20 something resort properties and she could have upgraded us to. She put us in, of all places, Saratoga Springs. You may think that may be stretch, but I chalk those little signs as a message from heaven. Uncle John was just saying hello and to have a great trip.

What subtle signs have happened to you that you think that person is around you?

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