Don't think the police won't find you and certainly don't expect to be let off the hook easy.  If you think you'll get off with a warning for talking on your cell phone while driving, you're wrong.

New legislation was announced yesterday by the Department of Motor Vehicle.  Drivers convicted of talking while on their cell phones without a hands-free device could receive two-points on their license.  The change in the talking while driving law starts tomorrow.   The penalty for verbal communication over a cell phone is now going to be as tough as the one for texting while driving.

Think twice before answering your phone without a hands free device or placing a call.  Talking while driving not only will cost you two points and a higher insurance rate, but it could also cost you your life or someone else's.  Last year, nationwide, over 5,000 people were killed while 440,000 were injured due to distracted drivers.  Please be safe and make the right choice.