Let's just say at least it's good to be #1 at something.

Let's be honest here, we know New York is not the easiest place to live. While we don;t h ave the hustle and bustle and cold edge of New York City, a little bit of that attitude does pop up here in the Capital Region. That said, it is by no means a terrible place to live especially here in the Albany area. That's why I take this dubious distinction with a grain of salt.

Big 7 Travel has ranked the friendliest states in the US, and guess where New York landed? You guessed it: we land at the bottom of the list at #50. Here.s what the Big & Travel had to say about New York and our ranking:

"Locals might seem a bit gruff at first (even upstate!), but it’s a melting pot of many cultures and the neighbourhoods in each borough of NYC have a community feel if you manage to stick it out for long enough. Just don’t dawdle on the sidewalk or hold up traffic taking Instagram shots…"

We should not feel too bad about our ranking though, Our neighbors in New Jersy and Massachussets also finished in the bottom 10. You can see the full rankings here.

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