Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day! What is your favorite way to make a grilled cheese? Do you add ingredients or keep it simple?

I love me a grilled cheese sandwich with some tomato soup. In fact, I am going to insist we have this for dinner tonight. I am usually the standard grilled cheese guy, you know – American cheese. Every once in a while I spice it up with some ham or bacon or tomato— crazy, I know!

So, since we are celebrating the grilled cheese sandwich today, and we will probably all be eating this for dinner tonight, I thought I would share with you some options to spice up your grilled cheese sandwiches.

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I am going to make one of these tonight: which one?

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese – I love Buffalo Chicken so I think I will love this one. Add some garlic and a little celery for crunch, plus a little garlic and onion.

Nachos Grilled Cheese – This one looks cool. English muffins with nacho fixings in the middle. Add your favorite nacho sides like olives, shredded pork or chicken, avocado, jalapeños. Wow, I may have to do this one.

Grilled Ham, Cheese, Pickle and Potato Chip Sandwich – As I said, I like ham already on my grilled cheese, but pickles, Dijon mustard, and potato chips are new for me. This sounds so good too!

Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese - Are you kidding me? I love sloppy joe sandwiches and I love cheese. I am thinking I agree with the author of this recipe, it's going to be heaven.

Bacon Crisp Grilled Cheese Sandwich – I love bacon, but this one also adds some basil and mayo as well as parmesan cheese and tomatoes.

These are my top-5 grilled cheese sandwiches. What will you try?