I could really use your help my friends. As you know it is pretty hard to be objective when it comes to a person's children. I'd like your objective opinion on my oldest son, Ryan. He taught himself the guitar and to sing. I will admit that when he began the singing was more than a little rough but he has come a long way with it. He has worked hard and now that I actually have a recording of him I'd love to get your opinion on it.


This all started when Clay Walker sent him a very nice guitar for Christmas. Now Ryan isn't much for country but he does like some. I told him since Clay was so nice maybe he's like to hear Ryan playing and that he should learn a Clay walker song and record it so I can send it to him. He searched lyrics to find something he liked and came up with "Miami and Me".

I should also quickly note that, he just sang this into his computer, no fancy recording equipment and as it was an "assignment" from his Dad, he probably wasn't as picky as he may have been if he knew I was going to post it on line. I like what he did with the song, it is totally different than the original and the way he multi-tracked his own background vocals in the chorus really gives it a strong hook. Richie then added the bass and piano.

OK here it is, Ryan McMaster's version of "Miami and Me"


And for comparison sake if you have never heard it, here is Clay Walker doing the song:



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