A popular Saratoga Spring restaurant will close its doors for good on November 30th.

We have seen way too many restaurants, and other businesses for that matter, close for good during this crazy year of the pandemic. I guess one silver lining about this closure, is it is not pandemic related, but just time to move on.

According to a Saratoga Living report, Saratoga's only creperie, Revenous on Phila Street, will be closing for god on November 30th. Ravenous owner David Zuka told Saratoga Living he decided to close for family reasons, and that the business was "healthy" and "going out on top." Zuka, who is looking to sell the business, also said Ravenous was able to adjust to the challenging conditions of the pandemic and the business is in good standing."

As I wrote above, while it is always tough to see a great local spot like Ravenous close, the one silver lining here is this one is by choice, and not by circumstances. It feels odd just saying that: a silver lining related to a business closing. Too many local business owners have suffered through a seemingly impossible time to operate, especially in the service industry. No matter how it is framed, we will take any positive angle we can in 2020.

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