No need to lug your cooler around with the new "Tailgate At the Turn."

That's right. Imagine that next trip to Saratoga Race Course without having to drag your cooler into the track. Simply pack it, drop it in your trunk, pull up to the new "Tailgate at the Turn" picnic table, and dig in as you place the next trifecta bet!

That is really how simple it will be according to NYRA at their new drive-up picnic area located at the first turn for the track adjacent to the 1863 club. The will be 16 picnic areas where parties of 6 can bring their own food and drink, and these areas can be reserved ahead of time. Each area will have its own picnic table and there will be a hospitality tent with televisions, betting machines, and a bar!

The convenience aspect of this is pretty sweet, not to mention if you want to enjoy a day at that the track with a little separation from the big crowds in the main areas, this sounds like the perfect setting. Not to mention, you will get to see live racing from what NYRA calls "...a unique vantage point of thoroughbreds rounding the first turn."

This isn't the only exciting new development at Saratoga Race Course this coming summer. NYRA says there are also new "Spa Verandas" at the final turn that offer a "modern and casual outdoor experience" for 45 fans and new lounge boxes at the stretch. You can learn more about those new viewing areas here.

It will certainly an exciting summer at Saratoga Race Course for the 2021 meet!

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