I loved going up to Saratoga Lake as a kid. My grandparents had a small house there and we always had fun. It's nice to see that the area is still thriving. There are now plans for more development that will allow more people to enjoy Saratoga Lake.  Saratoga Lake was always a respite for us to enjoy summer. We would go water skiing, enjoy fishing off of the dock, and of course swimming in the lake. Now there is a huge plan in place to build another marina, condos, and a restaurant on Saratoga Lake.

According to the Albany Business Review, the South Shore Marina property has been in the DiDonna family for generations. Since the 1950s they have been operating the marina with boat rental and storage and two years ago decided it was time to sell. A group from Clifton Park just recently purchased it and are going to redevelop the land so everyone can enjoy it.

The nearly eight-point-seven-acre Saratoga lakefront property will be built into five buildings with ninety-six condos,  a new marina, a possible clubhouse and fitness center, and a four thousand square foot restaurant. They are also proposing a new and pre-existing way that would create public access to the lake. The area is near Plains Road on Route 9P.

It will be nice to have a new area to go to on Saratoga Lake. On the opposite end is the brand new 550 Waterfront restaurant and marina. Even during the pandemic with restricted customers, they had a strong summer. That project was six point five million dollars.

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