The bison on the loose in Saratoga Country now has a name - Bubba. And now there is video of him on the loose!

According to News 10, DJ McKeon shot the video below of Bubba on the loose in Middle Grove!

I gotta say, what a surreal site! It is startling enough seeing a deer in the road, but imagine catching this? McKeon told News 10 the bison was the 'size of his truck' and that it didn't seem startled; it kind of just 'moseyed on his way.'

Bubba was reportedly on the loose in Porter Corners this morning, and News 10 is reporting the Saratoga County Sheriff says the bison was last spotted near Bockes Road in Greenfield,

Anyone who spots the bison is being asked to call police. And play it safe if you see Bubba!

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