Russell Dickerson was one of our GNA Secret Stars at Proctors on Wednesday night. Chrissy sat down with him to chat about everything from his hit single, "Yours" to his amazing impression of Jim Carey.  Russell Dickerson performed at our Secret Stars Acoustic show and during the interview with Chrissy, he revealed how his song,"Yours", has become one of the most played wedding songs. He went on to say that GNA's Secret Star Acoustic Jam was the only one in recent memory that someone didn't get on stage while he was performing "Yours" to propose.

Russell also added that he finally got his own tour bus and how he and his bandmates used to just travel around in a passenger van from gig to gig. Now he feels like he's made it because he got to pick out his own bus.

Chrissy asked about the rumor that Russell does a mean impression of Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura Pet Detective. At first, Russell was reluctant to do it, but then obliged.

Check out the entire interview below.

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