RPI has announced that they're making some changes in regards to how alcohol is handled on campus.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is going dry, for the most part, according to the Times Union. The school has decided to adopt an alcohol-free policy in dormitories, sororities and fraternities. Apparently, they've been focusing on cracking down on Greek life for the last year and this was their answer to that. RPI says in a letter:

 “As the large majority of our undergraduate students are not of legal age to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol, the updated policy prohibits the possession of alcoholic beverages at Institute-owned, controlled, or affiliated residential facilities that house undergraduate students, including Greek organizations with housing"

Student organizations, which includes Greek life, may still host events where alcohol is available but they must be from approved, licensed third-party vendors. Those that don't follow the new rules will face disciplinary action which could be two years worth of sanctions for Greek houses.

Graduate students who are of legal drinking age can still have alcohol in their rooms and the rule doesn't mean alcohol isn't allowed on campus. This is a similar policy to something UAlbany already adopted, not allowing alcohol in Freshman rooms and only served under supervision.

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