Rotterdam Square Mall has had some troubling issues over the past few years.

Rotterdam Square Mall Sign From 2011
Rotterdam Square Mall Sign From 2011 / Bro. Lou Roberts Collection

Some of those issues included stores leaving the mall and electric power being shut off by National Grid. Going back to December, 2013, we had a story about the auction of Rotterdam Square Mall.

Then in March, the mall was in the process of being sold, and now it’s happened. As reported in the March story, it was a Turkish group was possibly going to be purchasing the mall and now it's official. It has been bought by a Turkish group. The new owner of the mall is Via Properties. They purchased the mall from Mike Kohan (who is also known as Mehran Kohansiek).

According to the story in the Times Union, it was noted that a mall in Orlando, Florida recently had almost the same transaction, where Via Properties purchased Lake Square Mall from Kohan. If you go to The Rotterdam Square Mall website, you’ll see that Via Properties is the mall’s owner.

In an article in The Albany Business Review, domestically, Via Properties operates as Via Port, .U.S.A.

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