On the Sean and Richie Show we've been called clowns many times. We take it as a form of endearment.  But when it comes to clowning around-accept no imitations.  These clowns are the real deal! How refreshing is it to come to work (especially at our ungodly hour) and be greeted by real live clowns- makeup, red noses and all?   How can you possibly be in a bad mood after seeing clowns-real ones!

Although I have never had the privilege of seeing them live on stage, these performers have been on the show before, and we always get a big kick out of them.

I haven't been to a circus since my son was about 8 or 9 years old, come to think of it.  And then I start to yell at myself.  "Why not", I say to myself?  Why don't adults go by themselves?  Who doesn't LOVE a good circus (except possibly those who are actually a-scared of clowns (we have one of those in the building here-I won't say who but he does the afternoon how on WGNA!)

Come on, folks-how can you NOT want to check out the Greatest Show On Earth after taking a look at this little clip from our show today.

We were dying the entire time they were on with us.   Makes me want to buy tickets!  Check out their Ringling Brothers-Barnum and Bailey Website here -or if you want to purchase tickets, go right to the Times Union Center Box Office.  They're coming here May 5th.What's your favorite part of the circus?  I know-dumb question.  Anything involving CLOWNS, right?