To many, Mr. Gully was an amazing man and I, like many, remember him fondly.

Sadly,Harry Gully passed away Monday at the age of 82. He was a man who left a massive imprint on many kids in Troy. I, unlike those people, don't have a memory of him when it comes to pop warner football and the Troy Patriots. My memory of him is quite different, but it shows how much kids meant to such a gentle soul.

I grew up in Lansingburgh, a short 2-3 blocks from where Mr. Gully lived. Every year as a child I was mesmerized by the light display he had in his yard and the fact that he along with his wife sat outside on cold December nights taking kids Christmas wishes as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Those are simply memories that will never be replaced. While Mr. Gully may not have had the impact on my life like many others including people in my family, I still respect the legacy that was left behind.

If he had shaped your life or left a big imprint on your life in some way you can honor him Friday at McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home in Troy from 3-7PM.


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