As we watch the wet heavy snow pile up there is always a chance power could go in some places.

Whether it is a thunderstorm, a flood, a snowstorm, a tornado or just a brown-out or blackout, you never really know when the power is going to go down. When we do lose power, you also never know how long it is going to be off. As always we recommend you have a radio with fresh batteries to help you get information when you need it. Now your smart phone is also a way to get the information you need from 1077 'GNA when the power goes out. All you need to do is download the free 'GNA mobile app radioPup- yes, it is a free download at the Itunes store and Droid Market. Here's the link for downloading it. Don't get left in the dark. We're here for you in many ways at 1077 'GNA.

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