14 Year-Old Ahmed Mohamed splashed across your news feed a few months ago when he brought his homemade clock into school to show his teacher and friends and they was arrested and questioned without his parents.  Many people think he was taken into custody because of his religion.

He almost immediately earned the sympathy of the world when news broke. He even earned praise from United States President Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg and got to visit the White House, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

The social media world and several companies got behind him, and he was showered with gifts. There was even a prayer vigil in his support!

Well, now we've learned that those prayers may have been answered.

Lawyers for the family of Ahmed, are demanding $15 million and an apology from his former city and its schools to avoid a lawsuit!  They say the ninth grader was wrongfully arrested, illegally detained and questioned without his parents.  His parents are outraged at the discrimination.

The Mohamed family is asking for $10 million from the city and $5 million from the school district or they will file civil lawsuits within 60 days,

What do you think about all of this!  Is he ever going to get $15 million?  Do they deserve that kind of money?  Comment below and let me know what you think!

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