How many times have you blown off a red light? I think that most of us have at one time or another. Not that I make a regular practice of it, but I’m guilty of it. In all honesty, besides being against the law, it's dangerous.

RedLight Cameras May Be Coming
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If you’re driving through Albany, you may want to think about not doing that anymore because there’s a new bill that was introduced on Friday by some New York State lawmakers about installing "red light cameras" at 20 intersections with traffic control devices (traffic lights) in Albany.

In the story from News 10 ABC, if the cameras are installed and someone runs a red light, the camera would snap a picture and that person would receive a traffic ticket in the mail at their home. Assemblywoman Pat Fahy and Assemblyman John McDonald are the bill’s main sponsors.

In a story from WNYT, the fine for the ticket would be $50 maximum, and if payments are delayed, there would be an additional $25 fee tacked on. The bill will be voted on sometime this summer, and, if passed, the red light cameras won’t be installed until sometime next year.

The cameras that we currently see are not traffic cameras, but security cameras.

If you could put a red light camera at an intersection to make it safer, where would you put it?

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