During the pandemic we have been hearing about rat infestations being on the rise, and Albany is no exception.

This is simply a case of bad news, bad news. The bad news is even before the pandemic Albany was among Orkin's Rattiest Cities in the United States. And now more bad news: we have jumped up 10 more spots during the past year!

According to PRNewsire, the pest control company has once again ranked the 50 rattiest cities in the nation and Albany has landed at #38 on the annual list, up 10 spots from last year. The ranking is simply based on the number of rodent treatments performed in these cities over the past year. You have probably been reading reports that during the pandemic rat infestations have been spreading because restaurants were closed for so long and those rats that usually feast on leftovers went searching elsewhere for food. So the rats are not necessarily growing in population, but more or less branching out for more food sources.

I guess the one little piece of good news here is Albany is not the only New York city on this list. Syracuse (#44), Buffalo (#43)  and New York City (3#) are also ranked in the top 50.  But of all the New York cities on the list, Albany was the only one to make a significant jump up in the rankings.

Let's hope restaurants reopening over the last few months help us make a significant drop the next time the rattiest rakings come around!

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