Thanks to a neighbor's complaint, the first floor of a home that was used as a boarding house in Colonie was condemned after it was raided by officials from the Town Of Colonie.

Colonie Home - (Photo - Bro.Lou Roberts Collection)

The raid took place on Wednesday morning. It’s also believed that there may have been as many as 40 people living there. Colonie Code Inspectors, attorneys and Colonie Police went inside the house after they received permission from the owner of the property. Because of the owner’s permission, they did not need a search warrant. What was discovered during he inspection led to the first floor being condemned and closed off.

Colonie Home - (Photo - Bro.Lou Roberts Collection)

Besides seeing newspapers in some of the windows, authorities also found some pretty poor conditions, which included including 37 beds, 15 bedrooms and one half bathroom. Officials also found several of the small rooms numbered, and had makeshift beds that were made from crates. It was also reported that there was no kitchen on the floor. Some of the code violations included electrical wiring problems and no smoke detectors.

Asian Super Market (Google Street View)

Officials from Colonie believe that Asian immigrants were living there there and some of them worked at a nearby Asian market. It was also reported that many times, there were busloads of people dropped off at the house. The second floor of the house wasn’t in as bad of shape as the first floor.

According to the story from WNYT, one of the neighbors told reporters that he has “seen laundry drying on the front porch, food thrown out of windows, and rodents stopping by to feast on it”. Other neighbors have also complained about things like not mowing the lawn.

The owner of the property will be going to court in June to answer for all of the code violations. Many repairs are needed. Until they’re made, no one will be allowed to live in the house which has been considered unsafe.