We have some sweet spots to hit the links in Upstate New York, and one of them has been named among America's best.

Golf Magazine recently ranked its top 100 golf course in the United States, and a local course landed on the list. Glens Falls Country Club landed at #86 on the list, which includes some pretty prestigious course, like Augusta National.

So what earned Glens Falls this honor? Golf Magazine calls the course a "hidden gem...situated between the Adirondacks and Green Mountains" and describes the course as both "complex" and exciting.

Golf at this point just may be the perfect pandemic sport. You are outside, you can very easily social distance, and even when you are playing with friends, you don't have the close contact that exists in other sports. Most importantly, pandemic or no pandemic, the fact that there are golf carts that go around selling beer make golf pretty much the greatest sport of all-time. But bowling is a very close second!

You can see Golf Magazine's full list of the 100 best United States golf courses here.

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