The American Meteor Society says they got multiple reports of a "fireball" in the Upstate New York sky Monday night.

It seems like there has been a lot of activity from outer space over the last few weeks, and that continued across Upstate New York on Monday night. According to a New York Upstate story, the American Meteor Society received 155 reports regarding a "fireball" or "flash in the sky." New York Upstate also says witness in Albany and the Catskills reported a "fiery light in the sky." Just last week we also had a report of a meteor that exploded in the Upstate New York sky.

2020 has been crazy enough, and now every week we have meteors and "fiery" sightings in the sky? What the heck is going on here? On further investigation, maybe this just isn't that uncommon and because we are spending more time at home we are witnessing these events more. The American Meteor Society actually has basically what amounts to a meteor forecast on their website. They not only track reports of meteors but also give you a few tips about when and where to catch a meteor burning through the night sky with their weekly meteor outlook. They basically give you a meteor roadmap to increase your chances of actually seeing one.

Let's hope when we kick off the new year, the crazy year that was 2020 figuratively burns up and leaves our memory permanently.  But maybe we will bring one thing with us. It seems we are all seeing the world around us a little more. Hopefully we continue to appreciate that when life gets back to normal.

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