Stalactites, video lottery terminals and roulette wheels don’t seem like they would go together, but it might happen, sort of.

Howe Caverns Sign
Google Street View

Howe Caverns may be the future home of a Las Vegas style casino.

In the story from News 10 ABC, the Schoharie County board of supervisors didn’t want a casino, but it seems they may have changed their minds. They voted against the casino last month by passing a resolution. Now they’re reconsidering that. The owners of Howe Caverns believe this will be a great addition.

They plan to keep the Howe Caverns a family place. With the combination of the casino and the Howe Caverns, it will be a benefit to the area. The board of supervisors will be presented with the plans for the casino by the Howe Caverns manager this morning with hopes on getting an approval from the board

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