Another one of our bigger chain stores in the Capital Region is getting ready to close up shop at one location.

You may recall us reporting earlier this month that our Upstate New York Sears Hometown stores were winding down their business with liquidation sales to close in the near future and that Bed, Bath & Beyond in Glenmont will also be closing for good in February. A popular national pet store chain is now joining the list of unfortunate closures.

According To Reports, Petco To Be Acquired For $5.4 Billion In Leveraged Buyout
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Colonie Petco Announces Store Closure & Liquidation Sale

According to a News 10 report, Petco located in the big retail complex at 1440 Central Avenue in Colonie (Which also includes Target and Lowe's) will be closing for good on January 28th. A liquidation with discounts up to 60 percent off is currently underway.

Petco operates 3 others stores in the Capital Region, incluing Clifton Park, Latham, and Queensbury, and it looks like it is business as usual at these stores: the Colonie location is no longer listed on the Petco website, while these 3 above remain.

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