Chances are you have some of this legendary store's products in your home right now.

With progress comes many great things that do make life easier. For example, the convenience of online shopping and huge big box stores like Walmart do make life easier in many ways. That said, with progress, sometimes the businesses we have relied on for years and that served us so well become a casualty of that progress.

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If you are a homeowner, I am 99% sure at some point in your life you owned a Kenmore appliance. Or sitting in your garage right now there are most likely a bunch of Craftsman tools. Personally, I have a Cratfsman riding mower hibernating for the winter in my garage right now, not to mention a box full of Craftsman hand tools. Growing up, Sears products have simply always been around which is why it is so sad another branch of the Sears brand is closing up shop nationwide and here in Upstate New York.

New Revamped Kmart Stores To Sell Sears Brands
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Sears Hometown Stores Announces Closure of 115 Stores

According to PR Newswire, liquidation sales are underway at 115 Sears Hometown stores nationwide, including 3 in Upstate New York.

Sears Hometown Store - Cobleskill/Google Maps Streetview
Sears Hometown Store - Cobleskill/Google Maps Streetview

The New York locations include Route 7 in Cobleskill (Pictured above), River Street in Oneonta, and North Main Street in Warsaw. PR Newswire says all 115 stores are "wind(ing) down" offering up to 40% discounts on "...inventory including riding lawnmowers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, power tools and much more." You can learn more about the discounts at the Cobleskill location here.

The chain, which stayed in business after many of Sears department stores closed a few years back, applied for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December.

While many of the Sears stores have closed over the years, you can still shop at the store online and many of their iconic brands like Kenmore appliances and Craftsman tools can be purchased at other retailers.

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