A popular Clifton Park destination for a good cup of coffee, a good snack, and good company is now up and running in a new spot.

It is a must-have for most of us on a daily basis - that daily cup of coffee to start the day, or at any point of the day for a caffeine boost. And a local favorite for the energy jolt not has a new location in Clifton Park, but new owners as well.

Pavel Timofeyev

The Saratogian is reporting that MochaLisa's Caffe has not only reopened in a new Clifton Park location, the establishment is also under new ownership. Former owner Kari Cook sold the cafe to some loyal patrons - couple Nicole and Roland Van Zandt (Who went on their first date at the shop in 2010!) and brothers Colin and Alan Hughes.

MochaLisa's moved right across the parking lot in Clifton Park Center next to Game Stop and The Saratogian says they are also now selling used books in the new location, which is a perfect match for a coffee shop.

Clifton Park Center is a haven for so many chain restaurants, so it is really great to see a local destination like MochaLisa's continue to serve the community. In fact we need more local spots like this in my hometown! So while it is all good to frequent the national chains, make sure you are showing lots of love to our local spots so they continue to flourish and grow!

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