Old Dominion have released the music video for their newest single, "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart," and it's a nod to the 1980s video-game vibes of their childhoods. Readers can press play above to watch the band's fun and friendly retro shenanigans, as they romp through real-life scenarios catching pixelated power boosts and bonus points.

Written by Old Dominion members Trevor Rosen and Brad Tursi, along with Jesse Frasure, "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" was produced by Shane McAnally. The video, directed by Steve Condon, plays on video game themes that extend back a decade or two, from the more current Rock Band to the '80s game Duck Hunt.

“We always want to do something a little unexpected. [But] we couldn’t come up with much for this one. Everything seemed so serious," Old Dominion's Matthew Ramsey tells Entertainment Weekly. Then, Condon pitched the idea of visually interpreting every line in the song, "[and] from there, he just went nuts!”

As Old Dominion maneuver through the less-than-ideal circumstances that make life ... well, life, the retro special effects create a feel-good vibe that makes even the trailer park seem like a little slice of heaven.

"No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" is the first single from Old Dominion's upcoming sophomore album. The band recently finished touring as an opening act for Miranda Lambert's Highway Vagabond Tour.

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