State troopers are considered "the enemy" by much of the public when traveling on the Thruway.  This story alone should make you think twice about the respect we should show these folks!

According to the Times Union this morning, a trooper had pulled someone over on the southbound shoulder of I87 - where they are doing construction (near exit 24).
Thee Police Officers Shot During Early Morning Outside Of New Orleans
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 I guess he went into some type of diabetic shock, which was not his fault, of course, but the point should still be made and reinforced that cops take their lives in their hands every time they walk out the door.
Whether it be a situation like this or something more deliberate like being shot at while simply trying to protect the public, you have to give them major "props" for what they do for a living!
Every year, in fact we do a fundraiser for the families of fallen police officers, (C.O.P.S) and I'm sure that will continue next year.  in the meantime, we salute each and every one of you in BLUE!
Extra:  Take a listen to a song saluting cops from  Van Corlaer Elementary School 

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