If you are a smoker and you are a frequent shopper at Crossgates Mall, you will have to leave your cigarettes at home or in your car from now on.

Pyramid Management Group LLC who owns Crossgates have banned tobacco use on the property. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and even electronic cigarettes will not be allowed starting on May 31st. The current rule is obviously no smoking inside the mall, but allowed 25 feet away from the mall and in the parking lot. That will all change at the end of May.  Pyramid Management Group LLC, owns 15 different properties in New York and Massachusetts including Aviation Mall in Queensbury. The tobacco ban will apply to them as well.

This ban will also effect temporary tenants that sell tobacco or electronic cigarettes. They will have to stop sales by the end date. Permanant tenants will be allowed to sell tobacco if they still choose to.

I personally don't know how I feel about this ban, I think people should have the right to smoke if they choose to. At the same time, seeing cigarette butts all over the ground and walking through clouds of smoke at times kind of disgusts me. How do you feel about this ban? If you do smoke, will you continue to shop there?

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