After watching the Presidential debate on Tuesday night, we asked on our GNA Facebook to play "fill in the blank."  The question was simple: The debate tonight was_____.

As the night went on, we received hundreds of comments and surprisingly, there wasn't much fighting amongst the parties.  In fact, one may surmise that the debate last night was uniquely uniting.  Regardless of your thoughts on Joe Biden or President Trump, most comments shared the same theme:  It was a sh*t show.

On the air Wednesday morning, Chrissy and I wanted to share the Facebook comments with listeners, but thought it would be more creative to include them in a silly song rather than just reading them, and so that's what we did.  Much to our delight, most of you all in GNAtion seemed to enjoy it.  So here it is in case you missed our song about the debate this morning - or wanted to hear it again.

It's Brian and Chrissy's "Bleep Show"  song about the first Presidential debate in 2020.

Donald Trump And Joe Biden Participate In First Presidential Debate
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Utterly ridiculous utterly chaotic
Nothing about this is remotely patriotic
Useless embarrassing I got a headache watchin
I wish that both of em would really stop talking
Bleep show bleep show 
It's a total bleep show
how in the world am I ever gonna sleep now
Bleep show bleep show a total show of bleep
A complete loss for the American peeps
Dumpster fire inside of a train wreck
It had me thinking where is Kanye West at
A complete landfill of tires a blaze
I expected bad but even I was a amazed
Bleep show bleep show its a total bleep show
A big pile of garbage burning at a peep show
Bleep show bleep show a total show of bleep
How the heck can anyone vote for these dweebs
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