To quote Josh Thompson you "won't be lonely long" at Countryfest 2012 in just 9 short days at The TU Center. Josh Thompson will be ready to bring his kick butt country music to the 1077 'GNA faithfuls. He rocked a great crowd about 2 years ago at Northern Lights and the were all singing along with the hit he had just released before that show "Way Out Here". Josh sings about the sensibilities of American life in the country. He also knows that the ladies love him and put that them to music with his fun Friday night hit "Won't Be Lonely Long". Josh Thompson will join Thompson Square,Joe Nichols and Superstar headliner Eric Church on July 7th for Countryfest 2012 and I can't wait to hear him belt out his current hit "Comin' Around" for all of us.

The 19th annual WGNA Countryfest: Saturday July 7th at the Times Union Center, 51 South Pearl Street, Albany, NY. Tickets $24.50 - $55.00; buy them from Ticketmaster or at the door.