One of the big stories coming out of the recent budget approval was free college tuition for New York students - but there's a catch.

If a student utilizes the benefit, after graduation they need to keep living in New York for as many years as they received the benefit, according to South Coast Today. So basically after graduation, students may not be able to spread their wings as much as they like.

Governor Cuomo's take is if the state invests in students, they should remain here and be an asset to the state. Students would not have to stay here after school, but if they decide to leave they would have to repay any tuition assistance they received. The new bill will provide free tuition for student's whose families make less than $125,000.

I can really see both sides of this one. I can understand the Governor wanting to have students contribute as residents of NY after school, but I can also see new graduates possibly having no choice but to leave the state for work, which could put them in a financial hardship having to repay that tuition.

I guess when you think about it, nothing is ever really completely free, right?


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