If you are a parent, a college student or soon to be college student, you are well aware how expensive tuition can be. There could be relief in sight.

I thought college was expensive when i went, and I thought leaving school with $16,000 in student loans was insanity. By today's standards thought, that does not sound bad at all, right? College is super expensive! If you have been dreading high tuition, there may be some relief in site.

While speaking in Queens earlier today, Governor Cuomo laid out a free tuition plan for students in middle and low income families. According to the Times Union, '...students enrolled full-time in SUNY or CUNY schools would be eligible if they or their family earns $125,000 or less per year.' Costs for room and board would not be covered under the plan.

This is pretty huge. If you are willing to commute to school, you would essentially be able to go free of the tuition cost. That is ALOT of savings! Imagine what it would be like to start your career post college, with no debt?

The Times Union says the cost of the program would is estimated at $163 million annually and would be phased in starting this year and go into full effect in 2019.

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