Is it a Jet? A Giant? One of the Bills? A dreaded Patriot? 

CableTV and Go.Frontier.Com have recently determined each state's favorite NFL player in every state based on Google searches. So who is New York's? LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills. 

There was one other very interesting find in this study: it determined the Buffalo Bills were the most popular team in the state of New York. (The Giants were most popular in New Jersey, and well, there was no love for the Jets here.)

As far as LeSean being most popular in New York,  he beat out some pretty big names like Eli Manning and Odell Beckham of the Giants, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots (Yes, there are plenty Pats fans in New York), and well, no one from the Jets. Ah, the Jets. Someday. Someday.

You see the full CableTV article here. See for yourself - no Jets references. :(





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