Live music is the latest activity at bars to face new rules during the pandemic.

State coronavirus guidelines now only allow for "incidental music" at bars right now. According to a report new language emerged in state guidelines this week that "...prohibits them from offering live music that customers pay for separately. " So basically, a bar cannot charge a cover or a ticket price for partons to see live music, and such events also cannot be promoted. Basically, music is allowed but cannot a draw for patrons at a restaurant or bar.

This is sure to be one of those bar regulations that baffles people a little bit, and surely another tough one for venues and performers to deal with as everyone tries to rebuild momentum with their businesses. Ultimately, there are many other rules in place to keep everyone safe, most notably limits on capacity and social distance measures.

As long as those 2 guidelines are met, is there really a difference between a venue with say 50 patrons who just showed up to watch, or 50 who paid for a ticket?  The former scenario would be allowed under these rules, the latter would not be allowed under this rule.

Which does not make a lot of sense, especially for owners and musicians trying to restore some revenue with live music.

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