The Better Business Bureau wants to inform you about a new scam that has hit upstate New York. Be aware that there are scams everywhere and they always seem to be evolving. Even in 2017, we aren't safe from these scams.

News 10 ABC, warns us about a phone scam called "can you hear us."

Apparently, the company calls your phone and asks questions that prompt a "yes" from you. Once, you've stated "yes", they can then use your answer to agree to the companies terms.

Please be extremely careful when answering questions over the phone from strange numbers. The Better Business Bureau's Scam Alert Page has advice on how to handle suspcious businesses here.

The BBB's scam tracker site, has information on local credit card scams, phone scams, fake grants and fake money orders.

Please be careful and be informed on how `you and your loved ones can fight fraud.



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