In the wake of a very busy 2016 summer season on Lake George, there will be new rules and regulations for those renting boats this summer.According to the Park Commission, there were multiple accidents and a dangerous summer of boating last year. They also found that the majority of accidents were caused by renters not boat owners. So now they are creating new guidelines for those who will be renting boats on Lake George.

One of the main changes will be that renters are required to watch a six minute safety video. The video includes regulations of skiing and tubing, laws of boating while intoxicated, basic rules of the water, navigational rules and speed limits.

I always found that it was pretty easy to rent a boat on any lake in the Capital Region. I am all for stricter regulations if this will make everyone safe on the water. I hope that other rental places on all bodies of water in the 518 to assure everyone has a safe and fun experience.

To see the new rules for renting on Lake George visit the Park Commission's website.

Have you ever rented a boat on the lakes in the Capital Region? How was your experience? Did you think you had enough information to rent a boat?


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