Over the last few years so many great entertainment and food options have popped up at Crossgates, and their is another new restaurant to add to the list.

The 110 Grill is due to open this summer and will be located near the Funny Bone according to Albany Business Review. The article describes the grill as 'upscale casual'  and is one of 13 locations that also exist in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Looking at the menu for the existing locations, it looks really good! It features classic American dishes withe everything from burgers and sandwiches to steaks and seafood. Plus, they serve great craft beers and cocktails.

This will be one of my new hideouts when I go shopping with my wife! I will pull the 'ol "Hey honey, I have to run to the bathroom." and then I will proceed to disappear to enjoy a steak and some beers at the 110. That's how I roll at the mall! ;)



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