"Oh my God, I made a mistake."  Those were the words of Lashanda Armstrong as her son La'Shaun broke free from her arms as their minivan was sinking into the Hudson River.  According to La'Shaun, Armstrong's 10-year old surviving son, his mother had climbed into the backseat and cradled her children in her arms as the car hit the water.

Authorities continue to investigate the actions of Armstrong leading up to Tuesday evening event.  They did find a Facebook message shortly before the incident that Armstrong had written.

"I'm so sorry everyone forgive me please for what I'm gonna do...This is it!"

Mother Drives Van Into Hudson River Killing Three Of Her Children, Ten-Year-Old Escaped

The case would have been a huge missing persons case had La'Shaun not escaped the vehicle and caught the eye of a woman driving by the boat launch.  Meave Ryan spotted the boy waving his arms, sopping wet.  Ryan was the one who drove La'Shaun to a nearby fire station and after police and firefighters realized what he was uttering, they were able to locate the vehicle 8 feet under water, but it was too late.

Since the incident, La'Shaun has told investigators that his mother did try to reverse the car out of the water.  He also mentioned that she cried, "I made a mistake, I've made a terrible mistake," as she climbed back into the front seat.  La'Shaun also recalls telling his Mom he would go get help and that's when he climbed out of the minivan's window and swam ashore.

You can read more on the story and the investigation at CNN.com.

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