At the rate we are going, you will soon be able to do a pretty sweet pub crawl at Crossgates.

Yes, I love it any time a bar opens at Crossgates. It just gives me another place to pass time while my wife does her thing! Actually, her thing would be having a beer with me! Ha!

Maggie McFly's Local Craft Eatery & Bar is now set to open in mid to late June, according to a Times Union Report.  Maggie's will be located below the Funny Bone. Maggie's is a chain based in Connecticut and pretty much features classic American pub fare and an extensive craft beer selection. To get a feel for their offerings, you can see menus for their other locations here.

Between the 110 Grill, World of Beer and all the other spots you can grab a brew at Crossgates, you can pretty much do a mall pub crawl there! And that would make for an interesting day of shopping!

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