This Friday night, I know you have choices. For instance, there's a girl from work who you are constantly flirting with but you're too timid to take it to the next step. You want to hang out with her, but you're afraid she'll say no, or maybe you're just not sure what to ask her!

Well, I'm here to help!

The way I see it, you have two basic choices for this coming Friday night: Netflix and Chill or Chili Chowdown.

If you're asking me out, I'm likely to say yes to either. I'll give you the facts, and you can roll them around before you text her.

Option 1 - Netflix and Chill

While it sounds innocent enough, this option really is loaded.

It may seem like you're going to go over to your potential partner's house and binge on Orange is the New Black, but in reality, if you ask her to "Netflix and Chill," you're essentially asking for a booty call. So, if you were hesitant to tell her she looked hot today at work, this option might not be the best for you.

Is really just a subtle way to lure a girl to come over to your place, initially as just a "friend," so that it can lead to an opportunity of getting intimate with her while something is playing on Netflix.

Should you choose this option, pick a romantic movie that your girl is interested in watching, or a classic love story, those are ideal for getting her into the right mood.

Have refreshments available, and please, clean your living room... and maybe bedroom.

Option 2 - Chili Chowdown

Or, you throw on some pants (elastic, of course) and head over to the Schenectady Chili Chowdown! It's from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in downtown Schenectady and it's going to be pretty fun! This option is better if you're a little shy.

You and your date can canoodle while going from location to location, tasting chili and enjoying great beer specials courtesy of Saratoga Eagle.

Your $15 ticket will get you five hours of access to mouth-watering chili at several different locations. Each sample will be something fun and interesting for you and your S.O. to talk about. So no awkward silences!

One lucky chili cook will win Schenectady Chili Champion! You can celebrate their victory with a peck on her cheek!

Check in for the Chili Chowdown will be Proctors in Schenectady. It's presented by Schenectady County, Saratoga Eagle, and WGNA. Click here to grab your tickets.

No matter which option you pick, good luck on Friday night!  Go get 'em tiger!

bowl of chili

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