If you are currently without power, this is not the news you want to hear.

Most power outages are short-lived, and you are back up and running within a few hours. This is not most power outages, just like the storm we got Wednesday was not like most storms.

According to a Times Union story, areas that were hit hardest by this week's storm could be without power until Sunday. Most areas should see their power come back on by sometime Saturday. The Times Union says 77,000 National Grid customers were still without power Thursday night.

This was an extraordinary storm we got, and you probably noticed the trees down everywhere while you were out and about today. I can't imagine how many powerlines those trees took down. My neighborhood in Clifton Park was no exception, and we had some huge limbs come down in our yard. Luckily, we had no damage to our home. But unfortunately we are in that weekend group for power restoration with a target time of 9pm Saturday for our power to come back on.

There are some advantages though to having no power. I have gotten to cook all my meals on the grill over the last 24 hours and since I didn't want some meat in our fridge to go bad, I have eaten everything in sight! Plus, the house is just a little but quieter and calmer without noise from all kinds of electrical devices. It is actually kind of relaxing!

If your power is still out and you need something to keep your food cold, click here for locations and times you can get some free dry ice from National Grid.

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