It never fails, I’m in the car with my soon to be 21 month old son Brody, listening to GNA, and it happens. Every time Zac Brown Band’s “My Old Man” comes on the radio, I get all the “feels.”

My father Harry, aka Papa Codes, continues to be a source of inspiration in my life for so many reasons, and when that song comes on, I reflect on the ways he's affected me and everyone around me. Loyalty, consistency, honesty, work ethic, and compassion are just a few of his exemplary traits that I try to emulate.

Brian Cody, Townsquare Media
Brian Cody, Townsquare Media

When people I haven't seen in awhile come up to me, the first thing they always ask is "How's your dad?" It makes me smile every time. "He's great" I always tell them. It's usually followed by an "I love that guy, or man lemme tell you a story about a time when...." That never gets old.

My father is in his mid 70's now and still gets up every morning at 5am to start his day. He gets a few bucks worth of gas, the newspaper, a buttered hard roll and some coffee at a local Stewarts, and then gets ready for another day at the barber shop. His hours at the shop are shortened these days so he can spend more time with his family and grandkids, but if one of his long time clients needs an evening haircut, he'll drive for an hour at night to make the house call. No questioned asked. My old man.

Now I'm a giant
Got a son of my own
He's always trying
To go everywhere I go
Do the best I can to raise him up the right way
Hoping that he someday wants to be
Like his old man

Can't help but to get a little emotional as I sneak a little peek back at my boy in his car seat and it's those lyrics that resonate more than anything else because now it's my turn. My old man did his job.

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