So I was preparing to do a blog on celebrities who wear hairpieces, and accidentally stumbled upon this bit - the late, great George Carlin's parody of the typical '60s radio DJ. This is perfect for National DJ Day, which just so happens to be today.

George Carlin. I honestly consider him the most brilliant comedian that ever lived, but that's just me.  He was so multifaceted, and so brave in the subjects that he picked to satirize.


Perhaps it was his radio background that paved the way for his later success. George actually had a morning show in the '50s called the Wright Brothers with his partner, Jack Burns at a radio station in Hollywood, CA, according to Wikipedia.

Fast forward to the 1970's where he  went solo and became a top shelf stand-up comedian with a slew of TV appearances, including the Tonite Show with Johnny Carson.

It's this particular appearance on the Flip Wilson show that demonstrates not only his comic ability, but also how adept he must have been as a disc jockey (as he lampooned the profession in this skit).  It's based on his classic "Wonderful Wino Radio" bit from the album "Take-offs and Put-ons"

Love it.  Takes me back to those iconic DJ's from that era.  Happy DJ day to those who were then and who are now!  And R.I.P., George!  You still make me laugh to this day.

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