Apparently if your guy doesn't have a nickname for his junk, he's one of the only ones who don't!

According to a new survey, 73% of men have given it a nickname, and I am not too great at math, but I think that means only about one in four guys haven't given it a name.

Of those guys who have, most, 72% went with a nickname that evokes strength and power.  Ha!

59% of guys in the survey said a woman came up with the nickname.

The 11 most popular nicknames are -

1. Troy (Really, that's the most popular??)

2. Hercules  (All I can think of is The Nutty Professor!)

3. The Rock (Ha!!)

4.  Russell the Muscle (Seriously???)

5.  Wilfred

6. Dave

7. Jerry

8. Johnny

9. Randy

10. Wendell

11. Napoleon (Right.)

So funny, right?  How do you find the results of this survey?  Accurate?  Can you relate at all?

The Jacket

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