As the pandemic rolls on, more relief is on the way to assist those who need a hand paying their rent.

Amidst the pandemic has intensified over the last few weeks, at the same time it actually feels like the outlook of how soon it will improve has turned more positive. It looks we are close to getting our first round of vaccinations which has renewed hope.

That said, to help some get through what is hopefully the home stretch of what has been a difficult financial state for many, the state of New York is expanding its COVID rent relief program, according to Governor Cuomo's office.  The $100 million dollar program will again start taking applications for assistance, and the Governor's office says an "...executive offer will expand eligibility so more rent relief can be provided for New Yorkers" and more info will be coming soon.

While this is happening, talk is also brewing in Washington DC again about a potential relief package. Details are still up in the air how far-reaching this could be and if direct stimulus payments will be included, and honestly is probably something that won't happen since this argument has been going back and forth with lawmakers for months now. Regardless of Washington's progress, New York renters who need relief should have more options in the very near future for assistance.

Let's hope once these vaccines get rolling they have the desired effect, and in the Spring New Yorkers are back in the black, deciding how to enjoy some expendable income.

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